And It Makes Me Wonder… (Led Zep, Stairway to Heaven)

Lately I have been wondering…

1. About the future of rapidly morphing police states…

The heavy hand of the US department of “Justice” can now be felt almost everywhere on the planet.

In other words, no one is safe anymore, anywhere.

Thus, in order to protect the interests of some American businesses, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Invasion) recently shut down a major website, Megaupload, hosted and operated in Hong Kong, and had its owners arrested in New Zealand.

Obviously, the New Zealand showdown had to be orchestrated by the local police.

Yet, one could ask exactly which local law had the website owners broken?

And why were their private assets (cars…) seized even before the New Zealand justice system (assuming there is such a thing) was able to determine if anyone was guilty of anything?

According to the US justice system, these people were presumed guilty of copyright infringement.

Yet, the fact that anyone may be arrested, almost anywhere, for supposedly breaking a foreign law, is in itself alarming.

Let’s take an example.

France, a country obsessed with human rights, racism, genocides and so on… has implemented legislation means to forbid people to even speak about a number of matters, such as the 1915 “Armenian genocide”, the latest addition to its list of taboos.

Now, suppose that you are an English citizen, living in Australia, and that for whatever reason, you write in a blog that you don’t consider the 1915 events as being a genocide.

That immediately makes you a criminal in the eyes of the French law.

Therefore, the Australian authorities could arrest you, seize your assets and deport you.

Why not?

What is the difference between this theoretical case and the Megaupload case?

The latter case also shares a number of similarities with that of Wikileaks’ founder, Julian Assange, who has been harassed and deprived of his freedom for more than a year, while the US has been busy trying to put together a case, with the complicity of a shameless Sweden.

In these acts, I see more than police state governments’ willingness to clamp down on internet freedom.

I see the internet being used as a means to reach and destroy specifically targeted individuals.

I see the internet being used as an electronic version of the infamous drones, the first targeting enemies of the oligarchy, the second targeting enemies of the police state(s).

Having said that, what is the most worrying is the speed at which police states are morphing.

At the beginning of this century, just 11 years ago, none of these tools of repression (internet censorship, drones, patriot act, NDAA, Guantanamo Bay recreation center, TSA free X-rays and massages…) even existed!

Of course, one should believe that these little inconveniences are a necessary evil to protect innocent citizens from the much greater evil that are a few hundred goat herders, roaming the Hindu Kush mountains, somewhere between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Well, one would better think and try to guess what the morphing monster may look like, say by the end of this decade (the former USSR, circa 1970, comes to mind), then prepare oneself accordingly…

2. About what European leaders are smoking…

Europe has become the land of (political) summits: once a quarter, then once a month, then once a week… probably because it feels so good to get high…

And the more summits are held, the less progress there is.

Resolutions are brought forward, so ridiculous and unrealistic that only the financial markets’ robotraders take them seriously.

There are the ghost funds, the ESFS and EMS which, albeit empty of money, are growing in (potential) size like hot air balloons: a few hundred billions, then half a trillion, then a trillion…

Yet, no one ever mentions who are the idiots who will actually provide the money.

The IMF is playing a similar game, swelling its throat like an ugly toad, claiming that it is ready to increase its funding capacity by hundreds of billions, yet also carefully avoiding to name the fools who are supposed to foot the bill.

On the other hand, there is the European Central Bank (ECB) which is claiming the opposite.

No matter what, it is not going to help anyone by creating money.

Meanwhile, it is gorging itself with worthless Greek, Italian and other sovereign bonds, and its balance sheet is expanding even faster than that of the US federal reserve!

And of course there is Greece!

While unable to solve the problems of one of its smallest component, the European Union keeps on pretending that it is in control of the whole shebang.

One can feel sad for Greece, such a nice country, with such a glorious past and such a depressing future.

And honestly, who would prefer to live in Germany rather than in Greece (economic problems aside)?

Imagine the whole world looking like Germany, supposedly the example that others should follow.

Where could one hope to live a meaningful life?

Where could one go in holidays?

Yet, there is worse than Greece and Germany, there is Ireland.

Just watch this:

Having said that, Europe is heading at full speed towards deep trouble.

Apparently unaware of the gloomy reality, French politicians are busy legislating on matters dating back to a century and having occurred in… Turkey! (see above, the 1915 Armenian genocide).

They are like the orchestra on the deck of the sinking Titanic, debating which music piece it is going to play next.

Other, more realistic, European politicians are getting ready for the coming s..t storm.

They are busy toughening their stance on Iran, because when the s..t hits the fan, they wish to turn said fan in another direction, in order to deflect the smell towards some prefabricated enemy.

3. About human intelligence…

The fact is that mankind is where it is today thanks to, or because of, the achievements of a very small number of individuals, whose major discoveries have changed the lives of the masses.

Remove from History 20 or 30 names (a Galileo, a Newton, a Faraday, an Einstein and a few others) and instead of watching reality shows on TV, the herd would probably still be entertained with gladiator fights, in outdoors arenas, while its leaders would travel around in horse-carriage.

Having said that, the fact that, four years after the beginning of the global economic meltdown, after all that has been exposed, people in the so-called developed world are still not reacting (forget OWS), shows that the step between apes and humans was not that huge.

As long as it is sufficiently fed, a human, like any other tame animal, is unlikely to bite the hand that feeds it.

And in today’s so-called developed world, it is the hand of the corrupt governments that feed the herd, by means of “social” programs, such as food stamps, financed by paper money created at will by said governments, and regarded as having real value by the brainwashed populace.

After roughly 5,000 years of “civilization”, humans find themselves trapped in a system they nevertheless are very proud of, a system which gives free rein to corruption (relabelled democracy), slavery (relabelled economy), inequality (relabelled socialism) and destruction, including that of the brain (relabelled technology).

Humans have a knack for making the wrong choices, especially when it comes to who or what is worthy of admiration.

For example, the company Apple has, for many, become an object of adoration, even though it is a perfect symbol of our global civilization’s excesses. (1)

Apple’s products are manufactured by Chinese slaves (Foxconn) who regularly commit suicide over their working conditions.

Meanwhile, as of today, the company has accumulated almost 100 billion dollars in cash!

And this is only the officially declared amount; go wonder how much is parked in tax havens…

Brainwashed cult followers queue nights and days outside those Apple stores- temples, in the hope of being the first to give away their (delinquent) mortgage money in exchange for a useless, albeit nicely designed, gadget, that will help them thinking as little as possible.

That said, one should note that other animal species also deal with slavery and inequality (for example, the ants, our closest cousins, if one observes both species’ way of life from far above), but only humans are also prone to corruption and large-scale destruction.

Does this make the latter a “superior” species?

Do the tremendous achievements of a tiny minority make up for the complete lack of intelligence of the vast majority?

Just wondering…

(1) Just one day after publishing this post, I read the following article from Marc Levine:

Here is an excerpt:

“…moving to the seemingly opposite end of the spectrum, think if American corporations all followed the example of Apple, today among the most profitable and powerful corporations in the world, which even as its profits have soared has squeezed its suppliers to charge even less for the products and labour they provide, and in so doing ensure that hundreds of thousands of poor workers in China continue to work for ludicrously low wages in suicide-inducing jobs all so that more Americans can buy iPhones or iPads for $5 less than they’d otherwise pay.


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  1. Very happy that I found this place, it’s like an oasis. I found in your words many of my own thoughts, but linked in ways new to me. Thanks and please keep up the good work.

    • Thanks.

      I don’t write much these days… I have that feeling that things are going much slower than I (and many bloggers) expected (just look at Greece going down in slow motion).

      And I find it difficult to write about occuring events without being somehow “sucked” by my own writing rhythm… in other words, if I write, say, every day, I find myself quickly out of sync with reality (I “want” things to happen faster); but if I write, say, once every other month, then I can better stick with reality.