The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It is in difficult times that one can see the true face of human nature.

Good people look better, bad ones look worse, and ugly ones look like… monsters.

The ongoing economic crisis-collapse has shed a rather interesting light on some groups of professionals.

Among them, some are of particular interest: bloggers, policemen, soldiers and… bankers (who would have thought!).


There are many good people among bloggers or, more precisely, financial bloggers (I don’t know much about non-financial ones).

People like Tyler Durden (Zerohedge), Mike Shedlock (Mish), Bill Bonner (Daily Reckoning), or John Mauldin, for example, who spend a great deal of time sharing their wisdom, for free!

Wisdom, because what makes all the difference is that they are not only smart, but also wise.

There are smart people everywhere.

Banks are full of them.

But wise people are a much rarer sort.

They see reality for what it is, not what they want it to be.

They use their intelligence without being overwhelmed by their instincts (greed in the first place…).

And because there is only one reality, they generally share common views.

They see gold rising and so-called developed economies and their fiat money disappearing into the sunset.

They see police states rising and freedom of speech declining.

They see the coming storm, while the masses are waiting for the bubble years’ (1995-2005) second coming.

Finally and most importantly, their blogs are like beacons, showing the light to like-minded readers, who don’t have many opportunities to share their thoughts, isolated as they are in a population of non-thinking beings.


Social instability, stemming from the crumbling global economy, had led to protests, from the Middle-East to North Africa, from Southern Europe to the US.

It has also led to repression, even though many of these protests were peaceful.

Yet, repression wouldn’t be possible without the consent of those who are supposed to protect the very people they are mercilessly hitting, spraying and jailing.

These bad guys are hiding within the police forces and the army.

While a small number of them defects when it comes to extremes, such as in Libya or Syria, the vast majority of these thugs are following orders, pretending they have no other choice, since their income is at stake.

Unfortunately, most of the Germans involved in WW II had the same “excuse”.

They were merely following orders, because they had a family to feed.

Following orders, no matter what, is one of humans worst traits, if not the worst, because it has brought so much misery throughout History.

Now, those who believe that they are witnessing horrific events in Libya or Syria have yet to see the worst.

Contrary to what they may think, the “law” is enforced with much more ruthlessness in the so-called developed world, than in the so-called developing world.

They should remember that uprisings have been crushed with an iron fist, before even having the time to spread, in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, two American colonies.

In Bahrain, even doctors who had treated injured protesters were beaten and jailed.

And when the time will come, it will be the same in the fifty states, or in Europe for that matter.

There are no greater enemies of freedom than those who proclaim themselves champions of liberty (which they certainly are, as long as the fights for freedom are taking place in their neighbors’ backyards).

Who can seriously believe that finger-waggers such as Condoleezza Rice, or Hillary Clinton, for example, are really freedom lovers?

Such persons (called “ladyboys” in Thailand) would become Secretary of the Gestapo (not yet created) if they felt that such a move would serve their ambitions.


When it comes to ugliness, no one beats the bankers.

One should note that the concerned bankers, or banksters, were formerly known as “investment bankers”; parasites who have managed to repeal whatever legal fences were keeping them from wrecking too much havoc in the global economy, and since then have infected the whole world.

In a mere decade of complete freedom, one can’t say that they have wasted time (money is a different matter).

Is it really surprising?

Should one be surprised if the streets were full of prostitutes ten years after legalizing pimps?

Yet, it is doubtful that pimps could inflict as much damage and pain as banksters.

Because while pimps are targeting individuals, banksters are targeting whole countries.

And thanks to them, millions of people, in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and elsewhere, are now living in a world of pain; a world they are not about to leave anytime soon.

In the now unfolding Greek tragedy, one never sees or hears the name of those really responsible.

The whole show is presented as a tug of war between irresponsible Greeks and heartless Germans, as if international banksters had nothing to do with it!

Yet, if European leaders were not sold to banksters, and if banksters knew when to stop lending to Greeks (simple: don’t start!), this tragedy would never have occurred.

Of course, banksters’ servants, such as Merkel and Sarkozy (a.k.a. Merkozy), are even more ugly than the banksters themselves, because they are traitors to voters who elected them in order to serve… the people!

They are the scum of humanity and should be dealt with accordingly.

And this will lead us to our conclusion…

In the future, once the population of any given country has regained control of its destiny, by whatever means, it would be well inspired to:

– Strip corrupt politicians and ugly banksters of all their possessions, passport included, and bar them from seeking any kind of job, for life… they would become beggars and in the process discover the real world…

– Dismantle the police forces and the army and bar their members from seeking a public job, for life

– Create some kind of “council of the wise”, that would include a number of bloggers, in order to guide the country towards a better future…

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